Webinar Subject Archives: Emergencies

Hurricane Sandy Collections Recovery

In response to the ongoing recovery efforts associated with Hurricane Sandy, the Online Community hosted a webinar and live chat on Tuesday, November 20. This webinar brought together conservators with years of experience in the field of disaster recovery to provide the cultural community with critical information on salvaging damaged collections. Featured Resources: PowerPoint presentation […]

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MayDay! Create a Game Plan

Mayday is an international emergency distress signal derived from the French m’aider, which means “help me.” The MayDay effort to prepare for disasters has grown to be a national initiative. On May 1, libraries, museums, archives, historical societies, and preservation organizations across the country will take one simple step to protect the art, artifacts, records, books, […]

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Live Question and Answer Session on How Cultural Institutions Can Work with Emergency Responders for Preparedness and Response

Lori Foley and Dan Kochensparger give tips on how to work with emergency responders in your community. When disaster strikes your institution, emergency responders loom large and are in charge. Who are your emergency responders, and how do you convince them that cultural resources require special attention? Learn how to establish a relationship with your […]

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