Webinar Subject Archives: Collections Care

Creative Solutions for Collections Care

For our first webinar and live chat event of the year, Susan Duhl, an experienced conservator and collections manager, discussed how professional conservation standards and best practices can be met with lower cost solutions.

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Selecting a Conservator

Even the most well-meaning and well-informed personnel cannot and should not perform all the collections care tasks that their artifacts need.  Consulting a conservator is good practice when planning any collections care activity but hiring one is particularly recommended when working with specialized collections, delicate conditions, extensive projects, or dangerous materials. How does one find […]

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Objects on the Move! Packing and Transporting Collections

This webinar concerned the moving of collections into temporary or new storage, or re-configuring existing storage.  Covered topics included estimating time and staff to pack and move items, ordering supplies, arranging transportation, packing properly, and even featuring this behind-the-scenes work in public outreach and education. Recorded:  Wednesday, February 8, 2012 Duration: Approximately 60 minutes Guest […]

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