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CCI Notes 3/4 Psocids or “Book Lice:” a Warning of Dampness

Psocids or “Book Lice”: a Warning of Dampness – CCI Notes 3/4 Source: Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) Book lice, called psocids, are members of the insect order Psocoptera. For cultural collections, the presence of psocids sounds an alarm indicating unacceptably damp conditions — conditions that promote mould growth on objects and in buildings, which in turn […]

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Crizzling and the Preservation of Glass

Crizzling and the Preservation of Glass Source: Corning Museum of Glass Description with photos and descriptions of the stages of crizzling, a form of glass deterioration. See also a recorded description about crizzling: http://www.cmog.org/audio/glass-alchemists-glass-crizzling

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Hurricane Sandy Collections Recovery

In response to the ongoing recovery efforts associated with Hurricane Sandy, the Online Community hosted a webinar and live chat on Tuesday, November 20. This webinar brought together conservators with years of experience in the field of disaster recovery to provide the cultural community with critical information on salvaging damaged collections. Featured Resources: PowerPoint presentation […]

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