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Videotape Preservation Handbook by Jim Wheeler

Videotape Preservation Handbook by Jim Wheeler Source: The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) This handbook is intended to answer the questions of archivists, librarians, and others who have a collection of videotapes they wish to keep for many years. The guidelines offered touch briefly on each appropriate topic, but do not cover any topic […]

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Silica Gel Calculator

Silica Gel Calculator Source: SmallCorp How much Silica Gel do I need? This tool calculates the weight of SmallCorp silica gel required to maintain a microclimate in your case.

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Film Base Identification

Film Base Identification Source: Part of of the Image Permanence Institute This tool is designed to help you determine which film bases comprise your collection. Since their introduction in the market, various formats were manufactured on different plastic bases. Some formats were only manufactured on one base, while others evolved over time.

Continue Reading Source: Image Permanence Institute – online tool for Film Collections is both a decision-making tool and a comprehensive learning resource for all types and formats of film.

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