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  • I second the Orvus recommendation. It was originally marketed as sheep soap and as such can usually be found at your local seed and feed store. The last time I purchased some I picked up the 7.5 lb container for about $20.00. I just looked and Tractor Supply has the 7.5 lb container for $30.00, either way it’s much more affordable than the…[Read more]

  • I appreciate the best case scenario suggestions. I do not have money for a conservator, space for it to be stored flat or time to properly research the long term effects of the interaction between vinyl, adhesive, and paint, keeping in mind I’m assuming it’s vinyl and have no idea what kind of adhesive or paint was used. As many of us are, who…[Read more]

  • I have a sign that was outside for a few decades. It is painted metal with vinyl type lettering that’s peeling off. I need to stabilize the letters before the sign goes into storage. Right now I’m thinking PVA glue mainly because of the easy reversibility and I know it won’t melt either surface which is my fear with some other adhesives. Does…[Read more]

  • Becca,  thank you.  Freezing was our plan, I even have a refer truck lined up based on the original timeline. My problem is with the timeline changing I now have to jump from what I want to do/is best for the artifact to what I have to do to not endanger the rest of the collection and that isn’t too bad for the artifact.

  • We are in the process renovating our long term galleries which includes the addition of a windmill.  The windmill we now own is about 75 years old, full size with a wooden tower and has spent the last year laying on a flatbed trailer at the edge of a field.  I have just been informed that the timeline has changed and that it will be entering our b…[Read more]

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    I have a steel ring that has been made to support a cast iron pot that weighs a few hundred pounds. I would like to put some felt squares on/in the ring to act as a buffer between the two different metals and am not finding thick felt except the stuff used in industrial applications like automotive stereo installs.

    (1) Does anyone know if this…[Read more]