Why can’t I reply to discussions or start a new topic?

To participate in the discussion, you must be registered. Registration is free, easy, and secure. To register, click here.

I registered, but I am unable to log in.

To complete your registration, you will need to confirm it. An email will be sent to the account you registered with. The email will come from Connecting to Collections Online Community and you may need to adjust your SPAM filter to accept mail from

I’m having trouble uploading a photo to my profile.

Is your file extension capitalized? For instance, does it look like JPG instead of .jpg? The system only allows for non-capitalized file extensions, so you may need to rename your file.

How do I manage my email notifications?

On the group discussion board, the default setting is for you to receive a daily digest via email, however you can change this. Once you have logged into your registered account, you can manage how you receive discussion board notifications in two ways: 1. To receive an email every time there is a discussion post or opt to receive daily or weekly digests of discussions, click here. You can also find this page by going to the menu at the top of the website. Click on “Discussions” and in the drop down select “Manage Discussion Settings.” 2. If you’d rather receive email notifications for specific discussions only, click here or under “Manage Discussion Settings,” click on “Forums,” and choose to “subscribe” or “unsubscribe.”

In addition, you may customize your account’s email notification settings at any time. Once logged in, click on your name in the upper, right-hand corner of the website. This will take you to your account settings where you can update your profile picture, change your password, or update your location. From here you can also change your email notification settings. Click on “Settings” and just below this menu option select “Notifications.” From here you can choose what you would and would not like to receive emails about.

For more information on this and other features of the Community, click here to take a four-minute screen tour of the site. Note, to receive email notifications you may need to adjust your SPAM filter to accept mail from You can also get reminders about the Connecting to Collections Online Community by selecting “Like” on our Facebook page.

Can I follow a discussion without logging onto the site?

You can read a discussion thread without being logged in, but you will need to register and log in to post a reply to a discussion or to start a new topic.

Why hasn’t anyone replied to my discussion topic?

If you have had the website open for a period of time, make sure to hit refresh on your browser to see responses to your discussion topic or new discussion topics.

I’m having problems viewing the recorded resources.

The archived recordings from the Connecting to Collections Forums work best when viewed with Internet Explorer. To download the most recent version, click here.

I’m having trouble connecting to the Meeting Room.

The Meeting Rooms are run with Adobe Flash Player 10.0. If you need to download Adobe Flash, click here. Also, be sure to run a technical check before connecting to the meeting room.

How do I recommend a resource or event to be featured on the website?

In order to feature reliable conservation and preservation information, content is vetted by our site administrators. To recommend a resource or event, please contact us.


Can’t find your question? Feel free to contact us for further support.