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Photo with acidic paper frame

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    Kate Brownrigg


    I have a photo with a paper frame that informs the photo. I’d like to keep them together and frame them properly. Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Can I insert an acid free buffer frame between the photograph and the paper? Would this be enough to protect it? The photo is approximately 70-80 years old.


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    Amanda Malkin

    Hi Kate,

    You can cut a 2-ply archival window mat that has a window that is slightly larger than your inscribed paper mat. Ensure the outer dimensions are the same. Place the archival mat between the photograph and inscribed mat. Use an archival 4-ply board for the backing in the frame. Use archival paper (Light impressions) to make photo corners or buy archival corners to prevent applying adhesive to the photograph and attach to the archival backboard using gummed linen or archival paper tape. Conservation frame shops can easily supply the archival matboard and that way you know your barrier layer will be of good quality.


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    Kate Brownrigg

    Thank you!

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