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Numbering Paper

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    Daisy Figueroa

    Hi All,

    I have a question in regards to numbering paper (letters), do you usually number letters? We have a few in our collection and they are valuable to us but I do not believe that it has been written on with an accession number. I have yet to see it since it is in a safe. If it doesn’t have a written accession number, would you recommend writing it? Or just writing it on the tab of the file folder that houses it?

    Thank you all and have a nice weekend!

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    Anisha Gupta

    Hi Daisy,
    Yes, I would definitely advise numbering letters with accession numbers so you can keep track of them. I would recommend writing the letter on the housing, not the letter itself in this case, especially if the letter is written double-sided. If it is single-sided or a work of art and you want to write it on the paper, use a soft graphite pencil and write very lightly so no impression is left on the paper. I hope this helps!

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    Rebecca Gridley

    Hello Daisy,

    While doing some research for another inquiry in this group, I came across this C2CC webinar on Marking and Labeling that may be of help too.

    Marking and Labeling Collections


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