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Mobile/Compact Shelving Manufacturers

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    I am creating a new storage space for an archive collection and would like to know if anyone has manufacturer/company recommendations for custom mobile/compact shelving? This is my first opportunity to create a new space from almost-scratch and I am researching quite a bit but would very much appreciate any and all recommendations.

    Thank you,

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    Gillian Marcus

    Hi Esme,

    I have worked with institutions who have installed compact shelving from a number of different vendors. One I’ve seen a lot is SpaceSaver ( Rackline is another ( Most places should offer a consultation to provide you with an estimate. However, one of the best ways to decide which company to go with would be to ask an institution with a collection of a similar size and type to yours which storage system they use, and whether they are happy with it. That will usually get a pretty honest answer.

    University Products and Gaylord sell flat files, standard shelving, and some carts but do not sell compact shelving.

    RE-org is geared toward museum collections, but still has some helpful information for storage planning:

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    Thank you so much for your quick reply and helpful suggestions, Gillian!

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