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Historic structure restoration options

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    Grant Briscoe


    I would like some input on best practices for restoring historic structures. If there is a historic structure that was built with materials which are no longer available to do restoration with, what would be the best option for repair/restoration of parts which need to be replaced for the structural integrity of the buildings? Is it any less appropriate to use composite materials which could do a better job of preventing future damage? Or, would simply using the closest available material be advised, although it could decay or be damaged in a similar way that the original material was?

    With a smaller budget and limited staffing we want to be able to ensure the structural integrity of the building(s) but still have funds to handle other important matters around the museum.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Erin Kraus

    Hello Mr. Briscoe,

    Thank you for your inquiry. My specialty is not historic preservation, although it is something I’m passionate about! I will contact an expert in that field and get back to you with their response.

    In the meantime, your state’s Historic Preservation Office would be able to answer questions and provide guidelines.

    The National Park Service also provides useful information here:

    I will get back to you as soon as I can and please reply with any further questions.

    Erin Kraus

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