What type of boxes should be used in specific storage conditions?

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      Connie Ostrove, of the Bexley Historical Society in Bexley, Ohio, wrote in with these questions:

      We are hoping to upgrade our storage which is in the basement of a small caretaker’s cottage on the grounds of Jeffrey Mansion. The museum takes up the first floor. We have a varied collection (think mostly donations), with few books, a lot of furniture and objects, quite a lot of photographs, and some clothing.

      My question is–I have been looking at shelving such as Uline, as several recommended last week. Can I use plastic storrage boxes for storage, or is cardboard recommended, or archival quality storage boxes? Is any particular style in the Uline catalog recommended?

      We do have a dehumidifer, but there is only a “basement trap cellar door” separating the items from the outside. This summer, with the help of a college intern, I plan to inventory the items which are currently in cardboard boxes on wooden pallets, and some are not boxed at all. We also have a large number of drawings and prints, framed and unframed, which need storage.

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