What to do when objects where never accessioned?

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      Mariko Kageyama

      I have a collection of photographs that is referred to as the Thornburg/Heaston Collection. These priceless photographs were glued, pasted, taped, and tacked into a multiplex panel display. There is no paperwork that goes with the photographs, I have searched and nothing. The problem is that the museum was started by a great group of people who wanted to preserve the local homesteading history, but did not keep records very well. I have figured out how to work through the record keeping madness. Over the years, the photograph collection was assigned random numbers, found in collection numbers, and some never numbered.
      I was wondering if there was a way that I could contain this scattered collection. I have thought about giving the collection its own accession number and “contain” them all in one space (so to speak). I also thought this would be a good idea, just in case there is more found in the years to come. I was just curious to see if there were others out there with the same problem and/or hear some ideas of what to do.

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