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      Shari Bowers

      I would appreciate some thoughts on this topic. We are beginning to use Collective Access to index a collection of college newspapers. I should clarify it is only one newspaper starting in 1965 and is still published under the same name. When you create a vocabulary list you have a choice in the drop down menu to choose depicts or describe. These are vocabulary words we are creating from newspaper articles. Please see my attached print screen. We would appreciate any thoughts.

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      Kaia Landon

      I would use is described by. To me, depicts requires that there is a picture involved, and the subject is pictured therein. (Which I guess could be the case as well, and perhaps you’d want to use both in cases where the subject is both discussed and pictured.)

      Also, if there’s some other terminology that would work better for you, you can change the options. We’re still figuring out exactly how we want to use some things in CollectiveAccess as well!

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