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      We are embarking on sending off our first travelling exhibition across Canada and are currently having a debate on the best type of feet to put on the crates. There is concensus on having runners for a pallet jack, but I would prefer to have a backup method in case a good pallet jack isn’t readily available at a museum’s site. The prodution company is insisting on using four industrial casters, but I’m worried they will not last over an exhibition run of 5 years.

      I would like to know whether you have used casters or teflon sliders or something completely different as a method to move travelling exhibition crates?

      Any help/advice/resource links would be appreciated!


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      Industrial casters have many benefits, especially if you do not know in advance if pallet jacks or fork lifts are available, and also if you run into restrictive union rules at bigger convention halls. I have used them on exhibit crates holding extremely heavy tools, wooden door samples, and other supplies and have not had problems.  Ask your production company if they can make the base of the crates “beefier” to prevent the casters from getting ripped off the bottom of the crates. A substructure of 2″ x 4″ or 2″ x 6″ lumber–not particle board– might be sufficient.

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