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      We have a working  traffic light with a Crouse Hinds Co automatic variable timing traffic light controller used in Pensacola from about 1926 that needs new coils for the timing motor. Nameplate Data on the controller module is as follows: Crouse Hinds Co. Cat 45884 Mod DL Volts 110 60 Hz.  I have already contacted  with no success;  they had neither the coils nor sources for them.   Do any of you know of anyone who reconditions this type of motor or might have coils for it on hand?  I have a retired electrical engineer who volunteers to keep it running as long as possible, so if we could find the correct coils, he could probably do the rest of the work.  Once the last coil burns out, the light will no longer cycle.

      Lynne Robertson
      Chief Curator
      West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc.



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