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      I have a couple of teddy bears that I am hoping to learn a little more about. Things I know:
      1) Both are 18″ tall
      2) Seem to be stuffed with hay or wood of some sort
      3) The owner knows they are at least 60 years old – They were found in a house 50 + years ago
      4) There is a hollow section with something that seems to be rattling around… maybe a broken growler?? (I don’t know what that is, but I have read that many teddy bears came with them).
      5) There is no obvious identifying tags, labels, etc.
      6) Pads of feet look like felt.
      7) Eyes sort of look like plastic… but could be glass??

      HELP! Do you any of you know anything about teddy bears?

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      The photos didn’t attach before, so I will try again:

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      Jenny Arena

      Hi Brittany, looks like the file size is too big. Feel free to email me and I can reduce the file size and post. jarena(at)heritagepreservation(dot)org

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      Thanks Jenny, but I think I finally got it!!

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      Rose McMahon

      Hello Brittany,

      A growler is a device which is put inside the teddy, so that when it’s turned upside down and then the right way up again, it makes a growling or squeaking noise.

      Given their age, the eyes are probably glass.

      Here’s a link to some history of the Steiff bear, one of the more famous teddy bear manufacturers, which should give some background, even if your bears aren’t Steiff:


      Best wishes


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      Thank you Rose! Glad to know what the growler is! I was thinking Steiff originally, but am now considering Petz Anton Kiesewtter from Germany! Great link!

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