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      We have 2 large banners; one is 68.5″ X 124″ and the other is 74″ X 120″.  The problem is we have no boxes which would accommodate them loosely folded (without folding lengthwise), and our rolling tubes are far too short (as is the space to hang the tubes).  These were large wall banners, nylon sailcloth, printed and with handwritten inscriptions.

      Any ideas?

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      You can pad a plastic drainpipe and wrap it in acid-free tissue, then carefully roll the banner round the pipe. Make sure the banner is interleaved with acid-free tissue throughout. Make a simple cover from Tyvek fabric or plain  unbleached cotton, gently tied on with wide cotton tapes. Suspend the pipe by S-hooks in chains from the ceiling. That way the banner is not crushed under its own weight. Remember to take a picture of the banner and include it with the label tied to the outside of the cover.

      Hope this helps

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      Jane Dalley

      Just to add to Helena’s suggestion, ABS pipe is considered stable and comes up to a 6″ diameter.  For a larger diameter, you can use the large cardboard tubes used to pour cement footings but seal them first with Marvelseal or make a barrier as per CCI Note #1-9 Low-Cost Plastic/Aluminum Barrier Foil .

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