Stink bugs in our collections space

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      Cathy Faye

      So this year (apparently more so than in years past), the southeastern United States has experienced an explosion in the brown marmorated stink bug population. They are relatively new to the US and new to me in North Carolina. Over the past couple of months, I have noticed them a lot in the Visitor Center of my museum, but only very recently have I noticed them in our collections space. I, of course, am assessing the places they could potentially get into the space, (cracks around doors, etc), but at this point, I am more worried about the potential damage if they are already there. Does anyone know of more effective ways to rid your spaces of stink bugs, or has anyone experienced the negative consequences of having them around? So far, I haven’t noticed any staining or munching of textiles or documents – they just seem to exist in the space – but does anyone have more experiences to add?

      More info on stink bugs:

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