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      Happy Friday everyone!

      I recieved the following preservation question from a researcher. Does anyone have any suggestions that I may provide her? Thanks! Garret

      Question: We are in the process of moving our permanent paper records from plastic sleeve storage to archival file folders. Some of the documents (looks like 1997 to 2006) were printed on an ink that is raised on the paper, and this ink is very tacky. Many of the documents have stuck together. Although we have been successfully separating the pages, we are having trouble finding a way to store these documents so that they don’t stick going forward. We have tried using the buffered interleaving paper and placing the shiny side towards the ink; but have found that the ink is sticking to the interleaving paper as well.

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      These are thermographic inks. An interleaf sheet of silicone-release mylar may be your only alternative – check with the conservation suppliers. This can be combined with buffered or unbuffered, acid free interleaves but the ink will simply get more tacky with time, particularly at temperatures over 85 degrees F.

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      Ella Rayburn

      Are the documents themselves of importance; signatures on the printed papers, so on? Or is the importance in the intellectual content of the archive? If I recall, thermographic ink was used in photocopying so you don’t have the original. If the latter, how about scanning or photocopying the papers? Would need a barrier to prevent the inks from sticking to the glass, or clean the glass at frequent intervals.

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      Ella Rayburn

      Slow today — the papers are already in plastic sleeves — leave them in the sleeves to scan or photocopy.

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      Randi Smith

      Is it possible the plastic enclosures are contributing to the stickiness? I’ve seen old paint on metal go permanently tacky from being stored in plastic, probably a PVC type, and other plastics soften from proximity to a different plastic.

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