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      We are a volunteer group and this mirror is a new addition to our collection.  Some of the parts are loose, others are missing.  What would be the best way to proceed? What glue should be used to secure the loose parts? The best way to conserve what paint is left? Is there an acceptable way to restore the design?  Thanks!

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      Can you describe the structure and materials of the mirror?  It’s not clear from the photo.  What are the yellowish-brown blotches?

      I don’t see any reason to add anything. The design is quite clear.  Doing something so that it does not continue to deteriorate is more important, but even that is difficult to do without making it worse.  Displaying on a slanted board might be the best idea.

      Where are you?  Is there anyone nearby that can look at it for you?

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      We are located in the south shore of long island in Baldwin and do not have ontacts with conservators.  The brown splotches appear to be from a painted design that has worn off I have not attempted to clean off the dust. Some of the lines you see in the photo are from where pieces fell off and may disappear with cleaning. I’m very concerned about the loose piece that needs to be glued back.  Is there a certain type of glue to use?  I was also thinking about asking somenoe to build a wooden frame for it to help protect it and make it easier to display.


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      I suggest you go on the “find a conservator” column on the AIC website.  There may be someone not too far from you who is willing to look at it.  I assume you don’t want to move it.

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      Thanks Barbara for all your suggestions and help.


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