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      Elsa Huxley

      Links to the Conserve O Gram and 11 Step Process discussed today can be found here:

      The Table of Contents of Conserve O Grams can be found here:

      And here are some links for insect identification guides that came up in the Live Chat:

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      Hi Elsa: At the end of today’s discussion there was mention of some information for IPM when building a new storage area. I would be very interested in seeing this – it may have been mentioned by Carol near the end of the session.

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      Anne Ruppert

      Is there anyway that you could post the entire presentation from today’s webinar on this discussion page? I’d be very interested in some of the insect/pest photos and related damage.

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      Elsa Huxley

      I’ll be posting both of those items tomorrow, and the recording should be up by the morning too. Thanks very much!

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      Elsa Huxley

      From Barbara Cumberland and Carol DiSalvo:
      “These resources are available at Insects Limited
      Poster-“Insect Pests of Museums in North America”, $11.00
      Free museum pest videos
      Pheromone traps for black or varied carpet beetles, webbing or casemaking clothes moth, cigarette beetle, others
      “Pest Management in Museums Archives and Historic Houses” $55.00
      Museum Monitoring Kit $ 92.00″

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      Rachael Arenstein

      To address Vicki’s post – I know that the Canadian Museum of Nature has a paper in the upcoming Pest Odyssey conference on their review of what IPM measures proved useful in the setup of their new facility. The publication from the conference is, I believe, expected in the late fall.

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