Removing Floor Wax from Vinyl Record

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      Does anyone know the best way to remove floor wax from vinyl records? My friend left his collection on the floor in his office and somehow the wax seeped in and coated portions of the records when the hallway was rewaxed. Ideally he would love be able to play the records again.

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      Hi Jackie, my name is Luiza, vinyl is relatively forgiven and resistant matter when treat it with caution.  I had cleaned many before.   Kerosene is good option, if works,  no need for nothing else.  Not only clean but can protect. Since is very flammable make sure y used in an open area with good ventilation….  remove all dust first, using air preferable so no risk of scratch –  if not possible, use a soft brush – you need to know how ,   dust can scratches the surface…   try to applied with swabs or cotton and not rub in it but rolling  around during application. I am not sure if you can understand me – as I said, the technics to do the application plays a very important part, not just the right product.  If is there any question you can email to: Good luck!

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      Thank you very much! I’ll pass it along & hopefully this will do the trick!

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