Removing cork stoppers from specimine jars.

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      Carl Stewart

      We had a donation of historic scientific specimens at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park that we are currently working with. This was a collection of one of the biology teachers at Historic Storer College around the 1930s. Since the college is now part of the park, this fits into our scope of collections. While we are primarily interested in the historic nature of this collection, we don’t want to ignore the potential scientific value as well and want to make the specimens available. This is where the problem lies, we are attempting to get to the specimens to catalog them and some of the cork stoppers are so tight in the container we cannot remove without breaking. I have attempted to upload an image of a jar of these vials with cork stoppers, I hope it is good enough quality. The two questions I have is whether we should pursue removing these cork stoppers that are providing us with resistance? If so, how do we go about it? I am posting this to expand our pool of knowledge, we are also looking into other sources including the NPS conservation center at Harpers Ferry prior to continuing on with this project.

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