Removing adhesive from Plexiglass

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      Does anyone know of a safe method for removing adhesive from a sticker placed on plexiglass?  I need to remove an evidence label from a B-29 plexiglass windshield.

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      Depending upon the adhesive used on the evidence label, a low surface tension, high dispersion force liquid (AKA canola cooking oil) can be applied to mobilize the adhesive and the oil then cleared from the acrylic windshield with a broad spectrum surfactant (Dawn dish washing soap in water, just as if you were washing dishes)!

      Dale Kronkright, Head of Conservation

      Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

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      Canola, Olive probably just a standard aircraft windscreen cleaner or “Goof-Off”…..BUT HECK, I want to know the story beyond a B-29 windshield with an evidence sticker .

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      Thanks for the information,  I appreciate it!  Mickey, The Park Service had to go to court to be deemed the sole custodian of the sunken B-29, as divers were trying to claim ownership of the wreck thru maritime laws.

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      “3 in 1 Oil” or sewing machine oil also work very well on Plexiglas, and also clean off with detergent.  WD 40 dissolves sticker adhesive, but I wouldn’t advise its use because of the difficulty cleaning WD 40 off the Plexi.

      Lynne Robertson, Chief Curator
      West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc.

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      Nothing to add on the cleaning front, just wanted to thank Mickey for asking about the evidence sticker because I would have.  Is this the famous (infamous?) Lake Mead B-29?

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      Sorry to come in late on this one! I primarily restore fountain pens, and the same plastic was used on Parker “51”s as your cowling. Lighter fluid (Ronsonol), is an excellent option for this one. The naptha will dissolve any old adhesive almost instantly, but is just fine on that tough old acrylic. You should just be able to wipe away old sticker residue with a cloth, rather than having to resort to any scrapers, however benign.

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