Record-Keeping of Transferred/Donated Items

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      Hello Community:

      I have a record-keeping question for you.

      For those of you who regularly donate/transfer items can I get a bit of a survey on how you organize your donation/transfer paperwork? For example, do you make a copy of the transfer documentation and attach it to each and every object you donated? Do you use a numbering system on your transfer/donation documentation and file your records according to that number system? If you number them, can you tell me what type of numbering system you use? Do you file the records based on the person/organization you donated/transferred the items to if you are not using a numbering system?

      OK, I think you get the idea. Any thoughts on filing your donated/transferred and even deaccessioned items will be welcome.


      Chanin Voss Scanlon
      Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

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