ready-to-assemble document cases vs metal-edged

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      Charlene Martin

      Hi everyone, I’ve missed this board!

      I was wondering if anyone has used the hinged-lid ready-to-assemble document cases instead of the ones with metal edges. I want to place an order for over 100, and don’t have space to store the metal-edged type while they wait to be used.

      The ready-to-assemble ones appeal to me because they ship flat, and can be stored that way. However, I wonder how durable they are at the seams and the hinged-lid, if the boxes are not over-stuffed.

      Thank you for your help with this!

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      Ella Rayburn

      Hi Charlene, yes the board has slowed down some from its inception.

      Boxes — You have the answer — do not overload them.

      I like the ship flat boxes because they are cheaper as well as stackable until needed. Without looking it up, I think they are e-flute while the metal edged boxes are a board. The e-flute is perhaps not as sturdy. But again, I use them all the time and have not had an issue. I consider the metal-edged only for special projects while using e-flute for my common storage needs.
      Hope this helped. Ella Rayburn.

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      Becca DuBey

      Hello Charlene,
      I prefer the ship flat boxes over the metal edge boxes. I have a number of metal edge boxes fail and don’t find them as sturdy. If over filled or over stacked, the metal separates from the edges, and then you are left with…an unusable box.
      Best, Rebecca DuBey

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      Charlene Martin

      Thank you, guys. As always, still the best online community 🙂 We need to find a way to keep it going!

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