Production companies and archival photographs

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      Our institution has a usage agreement that individuals/organizations/companies must sign when they purchase archival photos for non- personal use. We sell archival images as uncropped digital tiffs for $15.00 / file, plus a $10.00 usage fee for each image.

      In the past we have mostly dealt with authors, who can usually decide from a jpg which tiff files they wish to use. They are usually also fairly limited in the number of photos that they can put in their books. However, we now get a lot of photo orders from tv and movie production companies. These companies often request to purchase large quantities of archival images ($15.00 / ea) to “try out” in the editing process, but they only want to pay the additional usage fees ($10.00 / ea) for the images that they decide to use in the final production.

      On one hand it does seem reasonable that they only pay for /sign usage agreements for images that they use- on the other hand, releasing images without requiring the companies to pay usage fees/complete paperwork, leaves our institution vulnerable.

      How do other institutions handle requests of this nature? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

      (I’ve attached our Usage Agreement for reference.)

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