Preservation & treatment of excavated faunal material

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      My name is Elizabeth Scott.  I am the Natural History & Archaeology Preparator in the Conservation Department of the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis Indiana (USA) and I am in the process of assessing our preservation and treatment practices (materials and methodology) for our institution’s collections of excavated faunal material to ensure that they align with current standards.  Our institution’s excavated collections include archaeological (historic & prehistoric) and paleontological (primarily Cenozoic) material from general surface and subsurface soil contexts (e.g., properties, fields, forests) and specialized contexts (e.g., sink holes, caves). The current scope of the research is limited to the conservation and preparation of bone, antler, horn, teeth & tusk materials (including culturally modified items). The primary research relates to materials and methodology for the preservation (focus on consolidation, mending and care) of the following four groups of items: 1. Mega-fauna (e.g., mastodont) bone material, 2. Teeth and tusk material, 3. Faunal material recovered from a cave context & 3. Culturally modified faunal material (e.g., tools, accessories, decoration).  I am looking to identify source support materials related to the primary research, and archaeology, paleontology, preparator and conservator contacts.  I would like some contacts to discuss our institution’s past and present materials and methodologies with, and to discuss those used at their institution and in the field at large. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. (317-234-1731)

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