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      Jen Hughes

      Hi everyone, I’m looking for your collective wisdom again. I am processing a large manuscript collection with a subject-based original order. All papers and photographs were housed together in their subject-based binders, and as I rehouse them, I wonder about the best practices for physically arranging the photographs.

        Some archivists have recommended that I separate all photograph prints and photographs to a single photograph series to physically rest at the end of the entire collection, or the end of a series/sub-series. Unfortunately, my archival storage houses a mixed collection, so separating the photographs to the end so they can be stored in a colder environment isn’t happening. I agree that some photograph types should receive less wear and tear, so I am sleeving photographic prints in mylar and keeping them in the document case with the related series, while separating related large-format/fragile prints/cabinet cards to format-appropriate storage boxes. Is this acceptable?
        Also, I don’t have the photographs located at the end of the series, or even the sub-series. They’re just filed in alphabetical order, based on folder name, then format. Is that acceptable?
        series: Honors & Tributes
        sub-series: Honors & Tributes, International:
        folder: Lourdes Basilica, France Banner Display – clippings
        folder: Lourdes Basilica, France Banner Display – photographs & print images
        folder: Lourdes Basilica, France Pilgrimmage- promotional materials
        Thank you for your help with this!
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