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      Lee Boyko

      Hi, I am the ED of a small museum in Sooke, BC Canada. We have a very underutilized version of PastPerfect which I am trying to rectify. I am looking for individuals or museums in our general area, (BC, Washington, Oregon) whom might be willing to share some of their expertise with us. I do have a list of users from the company website, but it seems a little out of date. Other than the BC ones, I have little sense of the level of use of the software by the institutions listed. Nor do I have any idea if there might be individuals not directly associated with an institution in the area that might be able to help. Feel free to leave a response on here, or to my email:


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      Hi Lee, When I first joined the Glen Carbon Heritage Museum, I knew nothing about PastPerfect. However, they have excellent webinar training classes you can take, I highly recommend them. They’re even good as refresher courses, once you have been using it. Our museum also hasn’t used the program to its potential, this is something I plan to fix over the next year. If I can ever try to answer a question for you, I can be reached at

      Good Luck!

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      Lee, I really agree with Sheila. The webinars are really a great way to learn about Past Perfect (even though they are waaaaay to early in the morning for us on the west coast!!) After the webinar, they send you a CD with information about what you learned, so that you can share it with co-workers or refresh your own knowledge. Also, I teach my volunteers to use Past Perfect by utilizing the evaluation software that is free and easily downloaded to any computer. I like this evaluation because you can play around in the program without messing up anything in your own collection. The link is:

      Feel free to email me at

      Hope that helps!

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      Joan Mamanakis

      Lee, I am late to the conversation, but wanted to let you know that we have been using PastPerfect at our small museum in Cheney, Washington since 2004. We are using the PP4 version now. If you have questions, feel free to contact me (Joan)

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