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      I wanted to know if anyone who uses Past Perfect (we have 4.0) do you have issues with the program.  Such as saving information to an external hard drive.

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      Ron Kley

      Piece of cake! Backing up to an external drive (be it a hard drive, thumb drive, flash card or whatever) is one of the standard backup menu options in PP4. I assume the same is true of PP5, but I can’t personally vouch for that. In general, I like PP4 and it meets most routine collection management needs quite well. Also, and importantly, the support staff is very helpful. They speak plain English, and they’re patient in dealing with folks who aren’t very techno-savvy.

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      Paul Shea

      PP5 uses the same backup menu options.  The Pastperfect crew are the best.  Give them a call and you will get your problem fixed.

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      Sharon McCullar

      Haven’t had any problems backing up our PastPerfect 4.0 to the hard drive.  Tech support is very knowledgeable, totally worth the yearly fee.

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      We use PP5, but as Ron said backing up to an external hard drive is a standard option for PastPerfect. In fact, it will notify you every time you try to close the program without doing it. If you are having problems, I would go to the Past Perfect Website and make sure there haven’t been any recent updates. I know that with PP5, they put out an almost monthly update that often fixes any issues and bugs that often tend to be the root of the problem (at least the ones we had).

      I also fully agree with everyone about their tech support team. They are so very friendly and patient.

      Is there a specific problem you are having that maybe we could help with? I know that if you don’t have a tech support package, the cost of a one time tech support call can seem expensive.

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