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      I am looking for assistance with on-site back-up options (offsite back up is already settled). We are searching for the best way to back-up all crucial data in house, preferably with the piece of hardware stored in our collections space (does anyone know of risks to having an external hard drive or other hardware in the collections space?). We have access to our small office network in our collections space, and I’ve been investigating something called “Network-attached Storage Hard drives.” Basically, this is an external harddrive that can function like a server, providing access over a network of numerous computers.

      Is anyone using an NAS HDD for on-site back-up? And, are you happy with it?


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      Vern Raven

      Glad you have off site solved. I’m still looking at that. What are you using? We have Past Perfect and I use a Buffalo Drive for backup and do not use the PC hard drive. It is my off site back up as well. I just put it in my bag and take it home every night. It is not a lot of trouble to back up to it. I had looked at Carbonite for example for off site. I need something to use for all our other PC’s as well. I’m not consistent enough on all our computers for back up. I would like one system to use for all our system back up that would cover off site and on site.

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      Ha, well this is the worst question you could have asked! We don’t really have off-site back-up “solved,” but we are working on it. By “solved,” I just wanted to make sure no one thought we were hoping to use the NAS drive as an alternative.

      We are actually in a tough spot with off-site as well. Our current provided just closed up shop. We are looking for a regional company, but we have not finalized any deals (sadly). You may try contacting the local hospital or other places that have essential records. I think most of these places could put you in touch with alternatives to Carbonite. We have found a local place (within 20 miles), but that may not be best either (depending on the scale of the disaster).

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      Ben Shaw

      Hey Matthew,
      Just a thought about using NASD as your on site backup. You will have to make sure that you know how to set your NASD to act as the backup. I bought one to use at home, and its great as a server, but becasue of the way I have it set up I am unable to set it as my computers backup location (I can probably figure out how to fix it, but it was not a big deal for me).

      In terms of off site backups, you can probably use the same type of divice (NASD) through a VPN from home. It all depends on what your institutions firewall settings are.

      Hope that makes sense.


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