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      Looking for samples of off-site / public exhibits Policies & Procedures or agreement documents to model.

      We are in the beginning stages of installing short-term public exhibits (i.e. an historic exhibit recently installed in a city building for the summer season).  We began with a verbal agreement, but feel it is in the best interest of the museum and receiving facilities to hold a written agreement.  We are seeking to expand this program and hope to plant our little historic-seeds throughout the community as part of our overall strategic plan for community engagement.  (These are not ‘pop-up’ museums but short term permanent exhibits.)  Any samples and suggestions are invited.

      Thank you.

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      I believe you could model this after  a combination of long-term loan contracts and exhibition agreements. While the building hosting the exhibits are not  museums, you could treat them as such in the contracts. The type of contract/agreement  you would need would depend on how involved you want the hosting party to be.  Who will be in charge of collections care? (i.e.periodic  Condition Reports, environmental controls, etc)  If some thing happens to an object, who will be liable? Are there security requirements involved?

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      Hi Abigail,

      Yes, I agree. Unfortunately, we don’t have any of those either!  Any examples out there would be of great help to us. Trying to keep from recreating the wheel here. Especially if other have agreements that work.

      Right now, our verbal agreement is that we are responsible for installing, monitoring, cleaning, removal, etc.  We installed the items in May and I checked on them weekly.  We removed the exhibit in  early September with another due to go in later. The items are in a locked cabinet, in a city facility facing the clerk’s desk, and the building is locked down at night.

      We are working on expanding this to other locations, but not before we have documents in place.  Hence, the need to see what others are doing. (And, really, trying not to recreate the wheel) .



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      I will look for our long term agreement with the Levine Museum who is using one of our items in a display. Let me know who to send it to please.

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      M. Susan Barger

      Berlin – Ten years ago, I was in charge of getting small low security exhibits out to small museums in New Mexico. We used a simple loan agreement that included the dates of the exhibit, contact information for lender and borrower institutions, a brief description of the show and contents, and what we expected in terms of care for the exhibit. I also made a one page facilities report – I think I can dig up a copy of that if you would like it, but not the loan agreement.

      Currently, I am taking care of a no-security traveling exhibit as part of outreach for the state museum to rural communities here. The current show is basically two sided outdoor vinyl panels that were designed in InDesign on free-standing supports. These have beautiful reproductions of art work in the big museum. The show has ten panels and can be put up or taken down in less than an hour,  put in the back of a car and taken to the next place. It can be configured in many ways to fit different venues and it can even have pieces shown in several different places like a treasure hunt. This show has been very successful and people are impressed at the quality of the panels – they didn’t expect to have such a beautiful exhibit.


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      We have an annual exhibit that we loan to quilt guilds, quilt conventions, and public libraries.  We have a contract that we use for these.  It spells out who is responsible for what, and that we require a Certificate of Insurance for $3,000 for the exhibit.  Other than that I have guidelines that I email prospective venues so that they know what I expect of them, and exactly what we provide (quilts, signage, labels, promo material).  I’ve attached the contract we use; maybe it will help you.

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      Claudia Porcellana

      try at the Museum of London web site for loans policy and conditions

      I think it may help you


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      Sheila – Thank you. Please send to I appreciate it!

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      Sheila – Thank you. Please post docs here or send to I appreciate it!

      Susan Barger – Long time! Great to ‘see’ you again.  Thank you for your feedback.  Very useful for developing a framework.  I also like the idea of the traveling exhibit. I just initiated a regional Museum Meet-Up for our rural museums. One of the goals is to share traveling exhibits – I would love to talk off list about how this has worked for you.

      Judy – Thank you! I really appreciate that doc.  Exactly what I was looking for!  I can use this as a starter doc and adjust to our needs.  IOU!

      Claudia – Thanks for the link.  Great resources that I was not aware of that will definitely help as we develop and update P&P docs for the Museum.

      Thanks to everyone for responding and sharing your resources.  We are celebrating 50 years as an historical society this year. While the collection have been well preserved over the years, we are also in the midst of a shift in practices, policies, and procedures to bring us up to date with current best practices. The Board is very supportive of this shift and our volunteers are working in stride, but we have a ways to go. Borrowing from tried and proven practices is helping us get there!


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      Susan Barger, sorry to go off topic, but I would love some information on those panels.  We use Indesign, but  do you have a link to pictures or any other information about materials, costs, etc?  Thanks!

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      M. Susan Barger

      Berlin and Judith,

      I am attaching a PDF of the traveling exhibit that I am shepherding around New Mexico – is is called “Art Across New Mexico” and it is the traveling version of “Its About Time: 14,000 years of New Mexico Art” – a show put up at the New Mexico Museum of Art for the New Mexico Centennial. The big show closes soon, the traveling show has two more venues. In all, there are ten venues for the exhibition and they cover most of the far-reaches of the state and all sorts of buildings – a barn, public libraries, small museums, and a visitor’s center. Recently, at one of the venues, a man said to me – “I hope you don’t mind, I touched a panel because I couldn’t believe that the blanket on it was not real.” The venues have been really pleased at the quality of the exhibit. The New Mexico Humanities Council was the primary funder for the exhibit. I think that about 4,500 people have seen the exhibit so far.

      Each of these panels is printed on outdoor vinyl and they cost about $100-150 for each panel. The panels are 48″ X 7′. The stands are standard hardware for trade show exhibits. It was made, as I said, so that I could take it from place to place and so that it could be put up by one person if needed. The panels roll up and I have three tubes to hold the rolled up panels and a few duffle bags for the hardware. I can put everything into the back of a rental car – the folks at Enterprise now know what I need and are very accommodating after my monthly rentals this past year.

      We have had MoMS exhibits here and they have been very popular except for the work to take them place to place. A couple of the museums have asked if they can borrow the idea to make exhibit backgrounds and to make smaller exhibits for the community.

      I can also post the abbreviated facilities report that I made about 10 years for traveling exhibits going to small museums from the State museums. I’ll do that later. I am also posting images of the installation in the Tucumcari Museum Barn, in the Gallup Public Library, and at the Eastern New Mexico University Library Gallery to give you an idea of how the exhibit looked in various places.

      I hope this helps.


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      Susan, thank you!  That’s beautiful and just the idea we needed.  Much appreciated, can’t wait to show it to our designer volunteer.

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      M. Susan Barger

      I am attaching the short facilities report that I put together a dozen years ago for traveling exhibits from the State Museum System that were going to small, rural museums. If I was doing this now, I would make it considerably shorter, but this report form covers almost all of the points from the Standard Facilities Report from AAM.  I hope this helps.

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      I hope you do not mind, I will use this one with my undergraduate students as well.  Thanks!


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      M. Susan Barger

      Vickie –

      Of course, you may use the facilities report, I would not have posted it otherwise. Note, that some of the questions are probably specific to New Mexico – adobe buildings – I can’t remember if I included swamp coolers – you might want to have people change some things.


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