No descreen on our new HP 7610 scanner monster printer Wonderful but… HELP!?

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      Ed Sharpe

      OK we are in a pickle…

      Background –

      We needed a large scanner at a reasonable price.
      We needed to be able to print 11×17 stuff sometimes

      The solve – Got a new HP 7610 scanner monster printer only $199

      BUT…… Wonderful but… no DESCREEN when scanning photos from magazines and newspapers…

      Now when we use you little c8180 scanner printer faxer thing it had a descreen button

      Yes I have tried VUSCAN … but the internal OCR is not as good as even the chap iris I used with the little HP c8180

      One of the things we go is scan pages to pdfs…. with embedded text in the background for search and for goggle to find them… we want the photos to look nice and not blotchy… but darn it… want some good ocr

      for instance we are scanning DEAF ROCHESTER NEWS … one issue goes into one PDF file… has to have nice graphical representation in the PDF file… BUT also have to have all the text ocr’ed in the background… (like the books and stuff over at ARCHIVE.ORG)


      Thanks in advance!

      Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC

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      Kaia Landon

      Can you scan through Vuscan for the descreening, and then open the image in whatever program has the better OCR to take care of that part of the process?

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      Ed Sharpe

      well   in  round about  way..  woud have to  vuscan the pages  then switch over and  ocr scan something  then tte the  pdf  file  with graphics made by vuscan  and kludege the text in  from   all the ocr  wotk  …       what  woud be more efficent is  if  we hang someone by their toes over at HP untill they put in the descreen button <grin>



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      Aside from this issue, how is this printer? We had an HP7000 which we loved but will be upgrading this year, and wondering if the printer is as good with all those bells and whistles as the 7000.

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      Ed Sharpe

      Allison, the printer it is wonderful!  the scanner is  good too….but it  seems some dolt  at HP forgot to put descreen in the newser versions of the  scanner software  or so someone on the support line  told me.

      I am almost upset to land on the doorstep of 3000 hannover st….

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      Photoshop and scripts can do the work. You can batch process: filter -> noise -> descreen.


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      Ed Sharpe

      José  yes,   that is  fine  for one at a time   things…   but I have  ‘toy  scanner  a  c8180 all in one and it has the descreen built in  aand i do not have to go  outside the scanning  process….

      I played  with demo  finereader by abbyy  but    that  did not  add any descreen to the  hp7610…

      Now if  I use vuscan  I can set it  to  read stuff  with  dot patterns  but the internal ocr is really acking even c0mpared to  readiris….. actully  the readiris  tht cam  fro  free  with  these  things  does pretty  well .. it is not  even the  14  version.

      I think  wht needs to be  done  is the  officejet development team needs a wakeup call on  this.

      why do not I use the  c8180?   heh no doc  feeder!   and  the  7610 has doc feeder

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