Mylar, Encapsulation and Ink

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      Hello C2C’ers!
      I have a question regarding the process people undertake when putting an artifact into their collection. At my museum, we are looking to revamp the way we do things, and I thought I would get some opinions.

      When digitizing a new archive, do you digitize it before you encapsulate it in mylar or after? I was thinking before mylar (therefore no glare). Additionally… in order to keep the archival number with the artifact (and not directly on the artifact) — I was thinking of writing the artifact No. on the mylar itself.

      Has anyone had experience with writing on mylar? Do you have any specific pens/inks you use? Mylar is a very plastic product, and I can see most inks just smearing off.

      I truly appreciate your patience and kindness with me!
      Best regards,

      Ps. I have found that our double sided tape doesn’t hold the mylar down for long. Any brand suggestions for a strong adhesion?

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