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      Does anyone have a misting fire suppression system installed in their institution? We are looking at installing a misting system for a restored dime museum that will have significant amounts of original artifacts on display without cases to protect them. The current quote from our contractor is for a $100,000 system that will require a 8×13 foot outbuilding to house the support machinery. Is that normal or are there other systems out there that are more compact and cheaper?

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      Jenny Arena

      Hi Samantha, Here’s some input from our resident expert here at Heritage Preservation (Lori Foley, VP of Emergency Programs): The more complicated the fire suppression system, the more expensive — to install and to maintain. The standard wet pipe sprinklers systems are still considered the most reliable, still provide the best protection for collections, and are the least expensive to install and maintain. Unless the collection contains objects that will suffer irreparable damage from the release of large quantities of water, your institution should weigh cost versus risk. For more information, see NEDCC’s technical leaflet 3.2 An Introduction to Fire Detection, Alarm, and Automatic Fire Sprinklers, http://www.nedcc.org/free-resources/preservation-leaflets/3.-emergency-management/3.2-an-introduction-to-fire-detection,-alarm,-and-automatic-fire-sprinklers.

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      Virginia Whelan

      You might be interested in the new hybrid system of fire suppression by Victaulic. It combines an ultra-fine water mist and nitrogen to a) reduce the amount of O2 in the room to 16% which will extinguish a fire (a person remaining in the room can still breathe) and b) the fine mist will cool the heat of the fire and help extinguish it. Less water is used in this system, and it takes less time to suppress the fire than a traditional sprinkler system.

      My client’s (a museum) collections storage area will probably have this Vortex system installed, and it will probably be combined with a wet pipe sprinkler system for less-vulnerable areas.

      I saw the hybrid system in action last week at their plant in Easton, PA and was amazed by the technology and effectiveness. I would recommend you look into it. Victaulic Vortex

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      Patricia Miller

      Is it UL approved?
      Pat Miller

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      Virginia Whelan

      Hi Pat,
      I am not a sales representative so it would be best to contact the company directly for answers to any questions.


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      Patricia Miller

      Hi Virginia. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I was merely inquiring as a cautionary note. I don’t believe that any of the mist systems so far have been UL approved. Of course that could change, but without it, one’s insurance might be affected.

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