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      Hi all,

      I’m a graduate student working on a master’s thesis about crowdsourcing to collect or improve museum/archives collections data. I’m looking for collections people who would be interested in gathering images and their metadata and uploading both to Flickr. I have written instructions for using Sammu (freeware for Macs) to compile object metadata with images for easy uploading to Flickr. I need volunteers to follow my documentation and tell me how it worked for them.

      I don’t have any requirements for number of images. (I’ve been testing the process with batches of about 20 images at a time.) Also, you do not necessarily need to make these images available to the general public or ask the public to make comments or tags. I am just looking to test a process that simplifies uploading images with metadata.

      If you think you might be interested, please take a look at my website, which has the documentation.
      You can ask me questions through the site or send me an email.


      Christine Osborne

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