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      I have just been asked for some help from our local school: Our organization sponsored a project which included all students contributing to developing a design for our community based on techniques used in Australian aboriginal art. Students worked with Australian-now Wyoming artist Paul Taylor, and they did a very nice job. The painting is done in layers on canvas and is 18 feet long. The school wants to hang it in the school hallway towards the ceiling. The painting is to the edges of the canvas. Grommets (their first idea) will mean damaging the painting and it could sag without stable support. A wood frame won’t work because they want to be able to take it down, roll it up and take it to some other locations during the school year for display. This is heavy canvas so stitching a backing or extra piece at the top for hanging (also invasive) or velcro strips is going to be difficult with several layers of paint. We could glue loops or velcro on the back to hold a lightweight metal rod that would give even support and around which wire or cord could be used to hang from the wall, but I don’t know if there is a glue that isn’t going to bleed through eventually — but maybe not with the heavy duty paint. Any ideas or suggestions?
      Ellen Sue Blakey
      Hot Springs Greater Learning Foundation, Thermopolis, Wyoming USA

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