How long did your collection inventory take?

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      Hi all. I asked this question in today’s webinar on Colls. Care but there wasn’t time to get into it. We started an inventory of our historical society museum in November (we use Frostbow Collection Mgr. 3), and I was misguided to think it would go faster than it is. The more I get into it, the more I feel like it’s going to take years. I got a grant to start it this year, and have applied for Year 2. But how do I convince the granting org. to keep funding it? How long do inventory projects typically take? Again, we don’t really know, but I’m guessing we have upwards of 8,000 artifacts:paper, textiles, furniture, housewares, ceramics, paintings, and on and on. Have any of you completed an inventory, or been involved in one, and can tell me how long it took (for how many artifacts, or size of collection), and any tips or specific examples of how HAVING the inventory has made a difference? (I know the reasons myself, and have told them — the 2 primary ones being knowing what you have and where to find it, AND knowing the condition of items so you can monitor the condition over time.) Thanks for any help!

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