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      Good Morning All:

      I have a question (or a few questions) about housing collections that do not belong to your institutions/repositories.

      We are currently, and have been for some time, housing a collection that does not belong to us. With some prodding on my part both institutions have agreed that we need a formal written agreement on the ownership, care and maintenance of the collection. They have agreed that the collection will stay under our roof and that we will charge for space and services of the collection.

      In that light, we have to come up with a written agreement for housing and reference services. So, my question(s) to the group are ~ Are any of you encountering the same situation and if so how are you handling the “storage” of another institutions collection? Specifically, I am looking for information on A) Fees charged; by the linear foot, flat fee; how much for reference services, flat fee, hourly, how much; B) contract language such as length of time, annual, monthly, automatic renewals, disaster recovery, and access to name a few.

      If any of you have existing contracts or have experience with this type of arrangement, I would truly appreciate a copy of your agreements (blank ones of course) or your thoughts, experiences with this type of arrangement.

      Thanks a million.

      Chanin V. Scanlon
      Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

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