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      Members of this group seem to like an identification challenge, so here’s another one for you. This is not in our house museum, but something like this could be as it was occupied for so long. A friend was cleaning out her recently deceased 93 year old mother’s home and came across this object. When the handles are squeezed, the little triangular blades emerge. For cutting something likely, but what? I have no dimensions, but you can judge the size by the fingers in the photo pinching the object. Thanks for your help!

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      Easy-peasy, boiled egg-squeezy !
      It’s for cutting the top off a boiled egg while it is in the eggcup.
      People still buy and use them in the UK.

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      Fabulous!! Thank you very much Helena–that is a very handy device. I’ll be going to the UK next week and will look for one!

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