furs, weevils, and mothballs?

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      Howdy, all.

      I’m a sole museum staffperson with no formal collections training and a $0 collections care budget (working to change this!). Thankfully, we have a group of dedicated (though untrained) volunteers and some Questers groups who have helped to provide grant funds for some basic supplies. We are working on a collections inventory and assessment, and a local taxidermist came in to help us identify species of some fur coats and lap blankets we have. He told us that some of the items are infested with “weevils” (I’ve not seen them yet, but I suspect dermestids?), and he recommended packing the items in mothballs. Are mothballs an acceptable conservation treatment, or are there better options? I’ve tried searching but haven’t come up with much.

      Thanks muchly, -Katie

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