floor strength requirements for compact storage

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      We’re in the early stages of planning a research center that would be an adaptive reuse of a historic building. I’d really like to put in compact storage, but there are concerns about whether the floor can handle the weight of the shelving system. Does anybody have any information on recommended specifications for floor load capacity for compact storage units, or any stories to share about their experience putting compact storage into a historic building?

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      You need to talk to a structural engineer who can inspect your building to see what its floor-weight limitations are, what can be done to strengthen them, and to what extent without damaging the integrety of the historic structure. Either the architect who is drawing up the renovation plans or the contractor should be able to help you find someone qualified to advise you on this.

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      Lauren Stara

      Compact shelving is much heavier than standard shelving. These are standard floor loads for library stacks and compact shelving — rule of thumb for designers.

      Floor loads
      50 psf for office bldg
      150 psf for traditional stacks
      250-300 psf for high density shelving

      I don’t have the exact source of these numbers at this moment but I can find it if you need a citation.

      Good luck,
      Lauren Stara
      Library Building Consultant

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      Thanks for your advice. I posted to the SAA list and also heard back from them that 250-300 psf is the rule of thumb for compact storage. This is still very much in the talking phase, but it gives us an idea of how much reinforcement will be needed for the floor (currently at 125 psf).

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