Floor refinishing products and collection management

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      Becca DuBey

      Hello, we are refinishing our floors at our historic mansion (1903), using the products Bona Dri-fast natural (stain) or DuraSeal 100 neutral (stain for darker look) and the finish will be Bon Traffic HD. Has anyone had experience with this undertaking and these specific products? My concern is whether the fumes from these could damage the many oil paintings we have hanging in an adjacent hallway and stairwell. Will any fumes migrate up the stairwell? Do these products pose any threats or dangers that of which we should be aware?
      Becca DuBey, Curator
      Sauk County Historical Society

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      Becca- Bona Kemi makes excellent products for your intended use. The primary concern is the lightly elevated pH of waterborne products such as this. You should be alright if you keep the areas in which you are applying finish well ventilated, Also, if you isolate your hallway and stairwell from the rooms you are finishing the floors in with plastic sheeting taped in place with frogtape low adhesion painter’s tape, you should be okay. I think a bigger concern is what you will be using to remove old finish to prepare the surfaces for re-finishing. My recommendation would be to use 3M Safest Strip, which I have used in several museum settings without adverse effects.

      Good luck!

      John Childs
      Head of Conservation, 9/11 Memorial Museum
      Former conservator, Historic New England

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