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      Charlene Martin

      Good afternoon everyone-

      I hope this doesn’t sound too crazy, but does anyone have any advice re: finding climate-controlled storage units that are suitable for archival storage? My religious congregation needs to find storage space for two record group collections (which include 3-d objects), about 798 lft. The congregation doesn’t know of any like institutions that can provide storage space, and I don’t know of any because I am secular and new to religious archives. My congregation has asked me to investigate local self-storage units that offer climate control, but before I set off in that direction, I wanted to check with you all first. Does anyone know of any archive collections that have done this sort of thing before, are there specific providers I should be looking for, etc?

      I know this is asking a bit much, but if anyone is familiar with the Central NY Region, that would be great. I don’t want to have to drive far to access the collections!

      Thank you very much for your help with this! Have a great weekend.

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      I hate to make your job harder, but the best environment for long-term preservation of archives is lower than for many other types of collections – 35-40%.  I suggest you contact Iron Mountain, a company that provides long-term storage specifically for paper-based material.

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      Kyle Jansson

      Has your congregation considered partnering with another history/archives/heritage organization in your area? The oldest synagogue in Portland, Oregon, has transferred many of its oldest records to the Oregon Jewish Museum for curation and storage. The arrangement took time to negotiate, but it benefits both organizations.

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      Elizabeth Jablonski

      You might try contacting the Exhibition Alliance in Hamilton, NY:  They may have some suggestions for you in central NY state.

      I also think that partnering with local organizations, including historical societies, is a great idea.

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