Feather laws and confiscations

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      Hi all,

      This is a pretty sensitive topic and I don’t want to air all my institution’s dirty laundry (hence the alternate account). But we have an interesting situation with bird of prey feathers and I was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this (or if you know anyone who’s dealt with it) and how you/they went about it.

      The short version: We had a bunch of bird of prey feathers confiscated a few years ago. A volunteer (we are an all-volunteer museum) who was unfortunately unqualified to be handling permits had been submitting our salvage permits for years, many years before I even got to the museum. For some reason a few years ago, our permit was denied and we had almost all our feathers confiscated (still working on figuring out what changed that caused the denial).

      They don’t seem too eager to fine us, partly because we made a bona fide effort to submit the permit and also because we were using the feathers for educational purposes (not selling them). But this was all a big misunderstanding, and it’s now my job to try to clean up this mess.

      Bottom line: Has anyone else had to deal with a confiscation? If so, were you ever able to get your record cleared with a small fine or no fine at all? Who did you approach (either within your local game commission or the feds) to get the process rolling?

      I know it’s a long shot but I’m really in need of advice here.

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