Do and Don’t Conservation treatment.

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      Object:  Paint wood Saint sculpture (sacred art).  it belongs to a local historic church.  The image is from Portugal, 1617. 
      I am in charge to do the conservation treatment for this object.
      It has suffered twice from amateur’s treatment before.  But fortunately the overall physical and aesthetic condition is pretty good. 
      The treatment will be done now is general cleaning.   But also years ago during an annual church festivities…  the  excessive fireworks make the entire building to vibrated and the image fell of and broke some its hand fingers.   
      My question is: It’s ethical to make new fingers?  I am concerned and do not intend to break any rules of conservation treatment.  I been talking to numbers of conservators, but the conversation has been very inconclusive, and I am running out time to do reading and study. Best  regards! Luiza

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