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    I need advice, we have just taken down our current display, we are in the process of refurbishing the display case that was constructed in the 1940’s. I am interested in knowing the kinds of coverings that should be used such as fabrics, paints, carpets etc.

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    There is an excellent free factsheet on materials to use in storage and display cases at
    Hope this helps as a start.
    The basic principles are
    1) use chemically inert, stable materials as much as possible – stainless steel, glass, Perspex (Plexiglass), acid-free card, scoured unbleached cotton or well-washed polyester cloth, polyester felt (not wool) and acid-free adhesives.
    2) avoid materials which give off acidic, alkaline or otherwise harmful volatile components such as unsealed wood, medium density fiberboard and other wood products, cloth with unknown dyes and treatments which can cause adverse reactions with objects.
    3) whenever possible try out samples of the materials using the Oddy test http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oddy_test

    Hope this helps you to get started. Even very small museums, with tiny budgets, have been able to find low-cost solutions that meet these principles.

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    Becca DuBey

    Your link did not come through, could you send it again please? Also, what is the Oddy test?

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    Hi again,

    I had recently asked for advice on materials to use in refurbishing a display case. I am interested in finding out where I can purchase the following items that have been recommended for the refurbishment of a wood display case:

    1. Dacrylate, Selabond RJ119
    2. Curprinol Enhance
    3. Barrier foil
    4. PP004 -Moistop and Marvelseal 360


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    Hi! I would like to share this great online resource for anyone seeking a display case : http://www.archiexpo.com/architecture-design-manufacturer/display-case-51.html

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