decision-making criteria re: loaning core/primary artifacts

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      Jen Hughes

      Hello everyone-

      I am writing a collection management policy for my museum, and need to deal with requests for outgoing loans at the same time. The requester has asked to loan items that I have determined are core/primary materials. I realize there are general considerations such as the preservation condition of items to be loaned and whether the loan institution can provide proper preservation environment, insurance, etc. – but I am wondering about considerations re: what the absence of the core/primary objects will do to the mission of the museum. The Walters Art Museum Outgoing Loan Policy ( includes criteria like that, and I think that in the case of core items, it would be a matter of whether I have a similar or duplicate object, whether it is ranked in the second tier of the core group, etc. Does anyone have criteria used to make decisions re: what items can be loaned, that they would be willing to share?

      I have read Simmons and Buck, but their publications deal with proper procedure, not decision-making at a local level (understandably).

      I know this will  be a great question for tomorrow’s chat re: CMP’s, hope to see many of you there! Thank you for your help with this.

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