cotton and wool blend as part of an archival mount?

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      Charlene Martin

      I am new to textile storage, and could use some advice. I received a donation of a lace swatch mounted in an acid-free mat-board covered with an 80% cotton 20% wool blend of fabric. The donor provided a certificate for this mounting, done by an art conservator.

      Is it wise to use wool for conservation material? I would like to seal this assembly in an archival frame with UV glass, but wonder if I would be creating a micro-environment where the wool is off-gassing with nowhere to go except the artifact lace.

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      No, it is not wise to use a fabric that has wool fibre content as a display fabric. The wool fibre contains sulfur as part of its chemistry, which should be avoided because of the off-gassing. Also the wool fibre component is attractive to insect depredation, also something to avoid. Two thumbs down from this textile/costume conservator.

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      I second Meg’s comments, especially regarding insect attraction – from another textile conservator.

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      Charlene Martin

      Thank you, everyone. I will see what I can do to remove the mounting that has the wool component in it, without damaging the artifact. If I cannot, at least I won’t exacerbate things by sealing it in a frame.

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